Folding Chairs

For centuries, designers have devised ways to make foldable furniture, and the quality of today's chairs have certainly benefited. Commissioned in the earliest days for addressing the comforts of military leaders, they also evolved into ceremonial centerpieces, including thrones for kings. As time progressed along with the advantages of mobility, these space-saving pieces developed widespread use among royalty and commoners alike. The benefits were also appreciated among larger gatherings as increased comfort began to garner precedence.

Throughout the Folding Chair Shop, you'll find a full range of styles that is among the most requested. Advanced technologies also assure these are quality products that will stand well for large-scale placement or residential enjoyment. They're available in the best materials, too, including wood, wrought iron and aluminum framing.

Utility seating includes standard metal frames with options for upholstered seats and backs or colorful plastic insets. These are ideal choices for auditoriums, conventions, school libraries, churches or other organizations. Affordability makes them a practical solution for quantity purchases, plus they're among the easiest to set up or transport. We have included dollies for stacking that increases their appeal.

More formal or elegant occasions require a different approach. When you're charged with planning weddings or other special affairs, it's important to provide a beautiful landscape of seats that will provide comfort. Wrought iron is an excellent choice as is wood, especially teak. For any outdoor dining or bistro location, armchairs and side chairs will keep guests happily seated.

Casual and fun folding chairs are simply a delight to own. Individuals and families can always find a need for these. Extra guests will never be left lacking with any of the great designs featured here. We offer loungers for poolside in several styles. Our ergonomic models are among the most flexible as they'll let you sit upright or recline with breathable mesh that conforms to and supports your body.

For grander entertaining, you'll find complete sets that make shopping even easier. In fact, you can find an array of matching furniture that will transform a plain deck into a great grouping. Create a conversation or dining grouping with all-foldable pieces and enjoy the beauty of bar height tables and stools, too.

In addition, director's chairs are also available in standard and spectator heights. Canvas insets and aluminum frames make them a lightweight favorite for heading to the beach or camping. With such amenities as popup trays and side storage pouches, they're simply must-haves for those lazy days in the sun and the sand.

Composite materials are an environmentally conscious choice and offer a bright alternative to outdoor seating. You'll find slatted designs with arms and adjustable backs. Steamer styles are just as enticing, but you can also select footrests that will pair with the uprights.

Folding chairs are an economical solution for different indoor and outdoor occasions such as performances, meetings, and conferences. They are ideal for gatherings in town halls, homes, churches, and even restaurants. Folding chairs are inexpensive, convenient, and easy to use and the backs and seats are designed to seat people of all sizes. They are stain resistant and waterproof; and are therefore not damaged by accidental spills or adverse weather conditions. Folding chairs are commonly made of plastic or steel. Deck chair, Glastonbury chair, lawn chair, and director's chair are included in the category of folding chairs.

Most folding chairs have same structural features. For durability, these are made with 18-gauge steel tubing frames and double-riveted. As it is a dependable and wise choice for any occasion and climate, some families take it for their camping trips. Organizations choose folding chairs to furnish their buildings, as benches or seats are expensive and take up space. Folding chairs come in different finishes and styles including wooden and cloth, steel, padded and unpadded, and decorative and functional. Certain companies also make customer specific folding chairs.

Standard, plastic, padded, reinforced, and desktop are some of the different types of folding chairs. Standard folding chairs are durable and economical. They are made of steel and are available in different colors. Plastic folding chairs have similar design as that of standard chairs and are made of polypropylene plastic. They are temperature neutral, more lightweight, and not strong as metal chairs. Padded types have vinyl-upholstered seats and are available in different colors. Reinforced form has an extra rear-leg brace for frequent use. Desktop folding chairs are ideal for limited spaces such as classrooms and small halls that conduct seminars. As it has foldable tablet arms, it is used as makeshift desks.

Folding chairs can be bought or rented from hardware stores and office supply stores. Before buying folding chairs, always check for stability and strength. Make sure they will match the tables and other furniture you already have and that they can provide bothsafety and comfort.

To Park Your Pilgrims

Published: November 16, 2009
WITH Thanksgiving fast approaching, many hosts face a perennial challenge: finding enough chairs so that a special someone isn’t relegated to the floor.
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Robert Wright for The New York Times
PULL UP A CHAIR Palo Samko tries out a campaign folding chair at Ralph Pucci in Chelsea.

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Shopping With Palo Samko
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Those who don’t have adequate seating typically resort to the humble folding chair, known for being wobbly, uncomfortable and an eyesore. When the big day is over, they stash it away in the basement or a closet until the next gathering.

But shouldn’t the seating be as carefully considered as the meal?

According to Palo Samko, 34, a woodworker born in Czechoslovakia and now based in Brooklyn, it’s not hard to find well-designed folding chairs at a variety of prices if you know where to look.

Mr. Samko’s own furniture and accessories are sturdy and playful. His dining tables, for instance, often have hidden drawers that hold miniature art pieces, like a menagerie of animals carved out of wood.

But while he is passionate about inventive design, he said he never places form above function. “You can design crazy things,” he said, but if the furniture doesn’t feel good, “you can’t really use the piece.”

To find folding chairs that are functional and stylish, Mr. Samko went shopping in Manhattan and online, stopping first at Ralph Pucci in Chelsea. There, he admired six steel-frame folding campaign chairs by Jim Zivic, with seats and backs of various materials, including tanned leather, suede and shearling.

“This is a really special piece,” he said, sitting on one made with white suede. It could be used every day, he added, “in a cabin or in a really nice apartment.” (He wasn’t surprised to learn that all six chairs on display had been sold to a woman on Central Park West who planned to use them as her regular dining chairs.)

Around the corner at Bed Bath & Beyond, he lowered his 160-pound frame into a nondescript $14.99 wood chair. “I think even a kid could open it,” he said, noting its light weight. But he preferred another chair he found there, with a metal frame and a microfiber seat, because he thought it seemed more durable.

At Design Within Reach in the Flatiron district, he tried out the Lina, a “comfy” Italian steel-framed piece with a “really soft” leather seat and back, which he thought would develop a nice patina over time. He was particularly impressed by how easily it opened and shut — and the way it collapsed to a mere 3 1/2 inches wide.

His favorite find, though, were the vintage blue French school chairs at ABC Carpet & Home. “These are beautiful,” he exclaimed, running his hands over the chipped paint. The seat backs were comfortable, too, Mr. Samko said, even though they were made of a single strip of curved steel.

Newer pieces can be purchased “almost any time you want,” he said, but when vintage chairs sell out, “that’s it.”